Pawzify® the new online experience: health. safety. quality. trust.


The Pawzify® Team is a unique team committed to creating a new online experience. A one stop shop where pet owners can go to find products they can trust. We all have Pawz™ family that we would go to the ends of the earth for.

We are business executives, nutritionists, veterinarians and everyday pet lovers that are familiar with the challenges of product marketing, poor pet food regulations and outright poor quality products. We got together and decided it is time to find a way to make a difference.

We are working to find and support safer, healthier, and better quality products for our Pawz™ family and the Pawz™ community. Our goal is to help pet owners find the best products and the information they need to provide their pets with a healthier life.



We would be a team without our suppliers. All of our suppliers have to go through our strict vendor evaluation process to be sure their products will meet our standards. We only sell products we can trust.


Our nutritionists believe in natural, quality products with minimal ingredients and processing. They help evaluate products and provide nutritional information and guidance to our Pawz™ Community to help them make healthy decisions.


Our veterinarians believe good nutrition and exercise is the key to staying healthy. They provide information on good health and universal holistic and homeopathic treatments.They also help us stay on top of current pet health issues and conditions.

The Core Pawz™

The unconditional love of pets and the strong will to build a site that only provides the best we woudl want for our Pawz™; these are the core traits of our team. We work for what means the most to us; our Pawz.


The Pawzify® Team is a unique team committed to creating a new online experience for pet owners. Our pets are our family. We want what is best for them and we will go to the end of the earth to find it for them. We want to share what we know with others who feel the same.

If you are a rockstar not afraid of the road less traveled and are an expert in the world of the internet, pet nutrition or natural health options; then we are looking for you! Talk to the Pawz™ to find out about joining the Pawzify® Team and make a difference in the world of Pawz™.

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